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Banquet Hall

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By using prestressed concrete beams, the intact spacious pillar-less hall is a five-star venue for luxurious banquets. The classic and elegant design is best for wedding banquets and year-end parties.

Hours and Prices:
  • For Reservations Only
  • Liquor and beverage are not included in the price. Additional 10% service fee is required.
  • The above prices are subject to change during the Chinese New Year and on special holidays. The changes will be notified at the restaurants; additional notification will not be provided to guests.
  • For reservation, please call Banquet Reservation at (04)2559-2888 ext 8339~8342.
  • Service Charge for Self-Prepared Wine and Liquor:
    For the best service quality, if you bring liquor or wine with you and want to drink it in our restaurants, an additional service fee will be charged.
    The service fee for Red Wine is NT$ 300, and NT$ 500 for Liquor.
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